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Our Process

The service provided to our clients is free, but a commitment on the part of the client is expected.  There is a distinct process to follow in order for us to help you be awarded the right franchise. 

1.  Initial interview conducted, typically over the telephone

2.  You complete a questionnaire that will outline high level requirements and desires with respect to a business, as well as reporting your current financial statement.

3.  Franchise for You will review the questionnaire, and prompt you for more information if need be.

4.  Franchise for You will diligently review franchises available in you area that match your criteria and qualifications.

5.  Franchise for You presents several options to you.

6.  You determine those franchises you wish to consider.

7.  Franchise for you with COACH you on how to present yourself to the franchisor during each step of the due diligence and franchise award process*.

*Note we keep saying franchises are awarded - not sold.  This is a key distinction that 95% of clients do not understand.  Yes you are investing your own money in a business.  But there is a reason franchising is successful - the franchise companies are looking at you just as much as you are looking at them, and being financially qualified does not mean you will automatically be awarded a franchise.



What We Do

We focus on YOU!  We are your advocate in the review process, and will coach you and position you to be awarded the franchise of your choice.

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Franchise of the Month

#1 in their category 7 years in a row, home based and over 1000 franchisees.  Did you know that only 5% of franchise companies reach this level?  And plenty of room for more franchisees.

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